An institutional brochure which promotes the Graphic Design Department at Dawson College, located in Montreal.

Promotional Design DC: Green Cover Page
Promotional Design DC: pamphlet open and close.
This booklet promotes Dawson College's Graphic Design department which is targeted to students visiting for the Open House, the School Boards, parents, the design community and employers.

Neon green was used for a pop of color to stand out from the other graphic design school brochures. It adds an personality to the Dawson College's graphic design department.
Promotional Design DC: 2 spreads on a textured background.
This book shows the different types of projects that students are required to do over the course of their academic venture. It also gives an insight to future students so they know what to expect.

There's also a section in the brochure about the faculty. Each teacher had their own course over the years and they are all experienced in their own field within graphic design.
Promotional Design DC: 2 spreads stacked on top of each other.
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